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Garden State
No. 100

Everything you want; nothing you'd expect. Two parts irresistible fragrance, one part modern alchemy--wholly alluring.

Your license to be daring, three intriguing fragrances tempt & transform into a tantalizing essence all your own. Explore the fragrant twists & turns as you mix & match. Dare to follow and there is no telling where you might find yourself.

Contains 2 vials each of 3 companion fragrances, perfectly tucking into purse or pocket to sneak a tempting spritz on-the-go.

3.125" w x 2.75" h x .75" l
Fill Weight
.64 fl oz | 19 ml
Garden State No. 100 Fragrances
101 Patchouli & Tundra Moss
102 White Sage & Lemongrass
103 Turned Earth & Cedar